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Kat H. Fall 2017 Section 1 – This ad is from 2005 and it represents a victory for PETA, “Thanks to PETA’s lengthy campaign to push PETCO to take more responsibility for the animals in its stores, the company agrees to stop selling large birds and to make provisions for the millions of rats and mice in its care.” This ad is simple, concrete and its core message is powerful. It’s the type of ad that moves people into action. https://www.peta.org/about-peta/milestones/

Petco put 2 baby iguanas in the dumpster let me refrase that 2 living ! baby iguanas in nets in the dumpster explain that petco

So+Phresh+Small+Animal+Small+Litter+Pan+-+Great+for+potty+training+hamsters,+mice,+gerbils+and+other+small+animals.+It+has+a+space-saving+design+to+fit+right+in+the+corner+and+the+high+back+helps+contain+litter+scatter. - http://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/so-phresh-small-animal-small-litter-pan

Great for potty training hamsters, mice, gerbils and other small animals. It has a space-saving design to fit right in the corner and the high back helps contain litter scatter.

Petco Play House Indoor Small Animal Play Pen

Browse Petco's selection of hamster, guinea pig & other small animal cages & habitats.

everyone should print this and post it somewhere rats are sold as food (like petco and petsmart) which say they DON'T SELL THEM AS FOOD!  BULLSHIT!

Completely true,I used to have 22 rats at once years ago they're beautiful animals


Flying saucer wheel large 12"