Daryl and his squirrels

NEVER joke about Daryl's squirrels. Haha during this scene my friends and I were all like ".WHY would you ever say that? Dude, you don't even understand.

Walking Dead

Were all infected. Well, at least its not herpes. -- The Walking Dead vs. hahahahahaha EVEN they think anything is better than HERPES 🤣😂

Walking Dead Season 3 Zombie TV Show Poster 24x36

Walking Dead Zombie Season 3 Poster 24x36

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Sorry, but I was hoping this said: Season 4 - Bitten and Bye Bye! Haha!

The evolution of Carl. From scared little boy to scary pre-teen. The Walking Dead Carl is seriously making me go crazy.

Meme The Walking Dead season 5

Seriously, they're called walkers! not zombies, or roamers, or biters, its called walkers!