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Proudly support our troops who are out there every day fighting for us god bless<3

For the freedoms that we all enjoy.Our thanks go to the young men and women serving in all branches of the military. We Salute You!o) John Adams quote about The Of July

Exhibit A. So, this was posted by Motifake, and labeled as a DEmotivational poster. I don't get it. Also, this sounds like a typical urban legend, but according to truthorfiction.com, it actually happened. However, this isn't a photo of that particular movie night in Iraq. They're in some grand hall (?) and every soldier is wearing his hat indoors. As a U.S. Army veteran, I know that hats are normally taken off indoors. This picture was taken at some ceremonial occasion. (Are there even…

Thank God for our military. In every military movie theater, you HAVE to honor our National Anthem standing at attention and Thank God for that! I wish it played in EVERY movie theater.

God Bless America

In Loving Memory Of The Victims In Loving Honor Of Our Heroes. September I Remember God Bless America.

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United States Marine Corps Oorah was thought by my granddaughters that it was my name!

I know a few who didn't get the chance to this year. Thank you for your service ♥

Happy thanksgiving 🦃 be thankful for the ppl around you and all the blessings God gave to you! It's not the happy ppl who are thankful, but the thankful ppl who are happy!

This picture gets me everytime. They wouldn't seperate this little girl from her dad while he was in line with all the soldiers about to be deployed. :'(

Story behind this. Her dad was leaving on a 2 year deployment. She was crying, and wouldn't let go of her dad’s hand, even when he stood in line, saluting. No one had the heart to break them apart.That's what is the life of Soldiers Sad !

A little boy sits and holds the hand of U.S. Army Sgt. Resolve Savage, from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 158th Infantry Regiment, Arizona National Guard, while he pulls security outside of a hospital during a medical capabilities program and humanitarian assistance supply hand out in the Nuristan province of Afghanistan June 28, 2007. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Isaac A. Graham) www.army.mil

Little boy holding American Soldiers hand~I love our Soldiers God Bless our…

Oh yes, don't mess with our Troops.

Oh yes, don't mess with our Troops. And when a military brat hears you, you defiantly need to run.