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Roman mosaic depicting a bear attacking a deer. Exhibited on the outer wall of the National Museum, Damascus, Syria.

Syria-Damascus-Mosaic details at The Ummayad Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque of Damascus Arabic: , transl Gam´ Bani ´Umayyah al-Kabir, is one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world Located in one of the holiest sites in the old

Syria Damascus Mosaic Details At The Ummayad Mosque Also Known As The Grand Mosque Of Damascus Arabic: Transl Gam Bani Umayyah Al Kabir Is One Of The Largest And Oldest Mosques In The World Located In One Of The Holiest Sites In The Old

Great Mosque • Damascus

Image SYR 0126 featuring decorated area from the Great Mosque, in Damascus, Syria, showing Geometric Pattern using stone inlay or mosaic.

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LOOK: Artists Create Beauty Out Of Scrap In Syria... And Win A World Record

Syrian artist Moaffak Makhoul sets Guinness record with Damascus mural made from recycled materials

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Ashmolean Museum, Syria Damascus tiles A Tree of Life design where the vegetation issues from pots or vases

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Global Arab Network - Archaeologists and artists have completed restoring an archaeological Fresco painting at al-Azem Palace in Hama kms north of Damascus).