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Winston Churchill understood the lessons and strength a horse can give you. Reconnect with your <<<----- Helps when its a friesian.

Mare and foal nuzzling. They look so much alike it is hard to see where Mom's face ends and baby's face begins. Adorable.

Foal is mix of 4 Quarters= American Paint Horse, Pinto, Gypsy Vanner, Indian Horse

Morgan foal

Mislabeled as: Morgan foal :) This is Elixir Du Vallon, and Friesian/Paint Cross bred by Corinne Eisele at Domain Du Vallon.

Mama  e  filhote.

Norwegian fjord mare and foal. These are like the horses in the movie "Frozen".

I never knew this before now!  I hope this is accurate.  I thought it was interesting and am sharing it with you!  :-)

What certain markings meant for Native American war horses. (there are no tribes listed, so I have no idea which specific ones used these markings) could be a fun class lesson

Rottenecards - I RIDE HORSES: I haul 50 lb. sacks of feed, and 75 lb. bales of hay all the time. I use pitch forks, yell at lb. animals and move them out of my way, whenever I want to. You are not a problem to me!

Great horse riding quote! Love this! #horses www.horseaddictblog.com

three choices in life: Give up, Give in, or Give it all you've got. Obviously give it all you've got is the only option.

What a gorgeous coat on this chestnut horse

What a gorgeous coat on this chestnut horse.This is what "Flame" from the Black Stallion books looked like!

"Love is a gift we can give freely, but trust and respect must be earned. Just ask your horse."

"Love is a gift we can give freely, but trust and respect must be earned. Just ask your horse." ~Learn Equine Behavior~ You won't believe how much your ride will improve.

Amen...I hope all will find the why.

Inspiration courtesy of Morgan Cromer Faye Reys Sis (of Holy Cow Performance Horses).

The truth!

This beautiful horse is Buck Brannaman's horse Arc. The picture was taken at his Willow Brook Farms clinic in PA. Fine horsemanship is poetry in motion.