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Seasons within a season...

Funny pictures about Two stages of Winter. Oh, and cool pics about Two stages of Winter. Also, Two stages of Winter.

Sure, working from home can have its disadvantages... by FlexJobs. http://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/work-from-home-humor-i-miss-office-politics/#

Work from Home Humor: I Miss Office Politics

Work from Home Humor: I Miss Office Politics - FlexJobs

every single day... on the hour. people are so annoying!

or on someones pin!

I would totally do this(: Ain't nothing like a firefighter in his gear!!

Funny Confession Ecard: When I get old, Im not going to sit around knitting. Im going to be clicking my Life Alert button to see how many hot firefighters show up! the-dark-side

My best friend and I agreed to do several Marathons this year.  So far, we've done The Sopranos, Mad Men and Prison Break, for a grand total of 259 episodes. We're superstars!   ~~  Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Funny pictures about Marathon time. Oh, and cool pics about Marathon time. Also, Marathon time.

With my comic, Fowl Language, I try to find inspiration in whatever I’m obsessing over or frustrated by on any given day. http://fowllanguagecomics.com/

Duck Copes With Everyday Life And Kids One Cartoon At A Time

Life isn't easy, it's full of daily struggles and small annoyances, as is illustrated in these hilarious Fowl Language Comics. Fowl Language is a comic series

Christian humor

17 Cartoons That All Twentysomethings Will Be Able To Relate To

The internal monologue that goes on in my mind every time I want to eat junk food.

I have super powers

Kids Fighting

Kids Fighting

Fowl Language Comics - by Brian Gordon

True story

your ecards, feed a cold, starve a fever, give pms ANYTHING it wants, lol

People will stop asking you stupid questions if you answer back in interpretive dance.

interpretive dance is something I need to start.

I had to quit shoveling because there is no place else to put the snow!!!

People complain that it is too cold, and they want the summer heat! Then when summer gets here they say it is too hot, and they can't wait for winter! Make up ya damn mind!

An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

Ecard : of the decisions I'm my life are based on whether I like the colors of something, if it is pretty, or if it smells good

Workout bragging ----unless you use it as a way to motivate and help others who are struggling with health issues. But then the message is delivered differently.

My favorite winter activity is going back inside and putting my pjs on