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Lightning flashes around the ash plume of the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano chain near Entrelagos, Chile. (Carlos Gutierrez/Reuters) 50 best photos from The Natural World

Massive lightning

The Cordón Caulle volcano in central Chile is pictured in all it's glory by Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni. His stunning snaps show forks of volcanic lightning to create an incredible light show.

Tornado, Ozarks, Missouri

Tornado, The Ozarks, Missouri photo via lesley. i know it,s not kansas. But it,s a twister!

Oh put.. Je l'avais pas vu comme ça  celle-là... Je viens de comprendre... La tronche du cheval me faisait juste marrer... Bon ben trop tard... Faut que je dorme.

You almost can see a man like figure walking in this lightning strike! I see a horse. Anyone else see it? I see the horse DSC Amazing~! I too see the horse couldn't see the man (Pat O).

Tornado sucks up rainbow.

Tornado sucks up a rainbow. Probably a once in a lifetime pic INSPO/amazing/Only God could create such Beauty/

volcano eruption

"Lightning streaks across the sky as lava flows from a volcano in Eyjafjallajokul [Iceland], April (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)" -- Click through for 35 amazing photos from that eruption.

Milky way and cloud enlightened by the sun ~ Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park. Patagonia, Argentina by Ricardo La Piettra

tree, milky way and enlightened cloud - los glaciares national park, patagonia, argentina - by ricardo la piettra

Spider trees Pakistan

side-effect of the 2010 flooding in Sindh, Pakistan,millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters;cause of the flooding and that the water took so long to recede, many trees became cocooned in spiders webs.