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Quick Overview: Add character, color and life to your backyard oasis, commercial or residential project with this stunning frost proof mosaic. Experience its realism and capture more than your attenti

Treble and bass together

Treble Clef Music Love Tattoo By KatrinaVWPhotos Professional Tattoo Designs Music Note Star Tattoo By Heroic Moose On Music Notes Tattoo Pi.


Graffiti and graffito are from the Italian word graffiato ("scratched"). "Graffiti" is applied in art history to works of art produced by s.

STEP 1.   Start the first step by sketching out the shape of the rose bud like so. It looks like an odd shaped egg.         STEP 2.   Begin...

I Have one more and final sketch style tutorial for you all today and it will be on "how to draw a rose bud", step by step. Rose buds are .

Rabenfürsten (2006) - Christy "Golden" Grandjean. Er ist der Herr der Raben, ein Werwolf, die eine besondere Beziehung zu seinem intelligenten Rabenvögel hat, indem sie ihre Magie, um ihm zu helfen. Denn wo er ist es immer Nahrung für seine schattenhafte Begleiter.   28 11

Raven Lord by Christy "Goldenwolf" Grandjean. He is the Lord of Ravens, a werewolf that has a special bond with his intelligent corvids, using their magic to aid him. For wherever he is there will always be food for his shadowy companions.

I feel drawn to this. Not sure why

Dragon image, could be a good tattoo or inspiration for a creature design * The Rider's Greed Trilogy: Symbol of the Militias Inspiration