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Buses in Himachal Pradesh, India. The bus drivers are either very good, or very crazy. Probably both actually.

21 Pictures That Prove Bus Drivers Of Himachal Pradesh Are The Best In India


Alta Feet--instead of elaborate footwear like ballet and contemporary ballroom or other modern dance forms--classical Indian dance is barefoot but with elaborate henna decoration and the ornamentation of ankle bracelets and bells.

Chhat puja photo of Kayastha community

Hindu women offering prayers to the rising sun during the festival of Chhath, in the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, India, Sunday, Oct. The festival of Chhath is dedicated to the worship of the Sun God.

Baisakhi festival celebrated with songs and dances.

Harvest Festival Tells the Better Story about India Festival is the unique mode of expression that boasts of the rich Indian traditional and cultural background.