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TWEWY Day 4.  The BGM is identified as a Remix of "Calling" by Leah.  More Symbols have appeared as well!

Second last Day of Twewy! More parts of "Calling" by Leah, AND They revealed a dark silhouette of a Character (I think Beat) and The Player sign.

Telltale's Batman is finally available for Android!

Watch Telltale Batman's First Trailer and Find Out When Episode 1 Arrives

Persona 5 ganha trailer de lançamento animadíssimo e cheio de estilo - EExpoNews

Take a peek at the Confidants in Persona 5 - Glitch Cat

독특한 영상미…中 첫 PS4용 게임 -테크홀릭 http://techholic.co.kr/archives/50129

Overall, Dotoyou's KOI is an interesting game with a unique concept, but it’s not fleshed out enough to be a thoroughly entertaining adventure.

Teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 revealed | Glitch Cat

Free Titanfall Season Pass for Xbox One


Diluvion is ultimately a solid undersea adventure that surprises with its challenging combat, excellent worldbuilding and fun resource management

Medal of Honor Warfighter: First Gameplay Trailer

First gameplay trailer for EA and Danger Close Studios upcoming Medal of Honor Warfighter, for the PC, and Xbox

Today, Atlus has unveiled a new trailer for Persona this time showing off some brief gameplay and game menus, along with some stylish cutscenes that introduce some of the game's cast.

PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.00 Is Out

A couple of days ago a PlayStation 4 error came out of nowhere to ruin gamer's days. Error has been corrupting save files for many users, as shown in this extensive forum thread.