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Chow Chow

Chow chow dogs originated from mainland China, this dog earned the nickname the Lion Dog because its shape is similar to the male lion. It is estimated that this dog has been there since the year 150 BC, the palace is used as guard dogs and hunting friend

Tessa the Cockapoo Puppy.... Happy Tails/ Total Cuteness/ Pretty Fluffy I Want Her Now Lol ;)

Tessa the Cockapoo Puppy by Happy Tails Pet Photography


Tibetan Mastiff- the closest thing to a teddy bear that wont maul you.

Great Dane pup

5 of the most massive dog breeds: Great Danes, Dane Puppies, Animals, Dogs, Pet…

Life is a journey.

Weimaraner sleeping with a toy Crocodile plush toy. He sleeps under the covers too.with paws out over the blanket.

Very Cute Little Puppies Oh my little ones! These little puppies are so cute!I am sure this will make you smile.