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Dr. Marty Fox on Twitter: "#GunControl Exhibit A  The Chicago South Side   The #LasVegasShooting EVERY MONTH  The #Tyranny Of The #Left Requires A Monopoly On Force https://t.co/F1QSITW3Me"


Simply the liberals wanting, " gun rights and/or your guns taken away.

If you find yourself wondering why America should support France, here's why...

If you find yourself wondering why America should support France today, here's why.

I would do it too

Faith in humanity restored. Not for that dogs owner, because honestly who would leave their dog outside in that cold weather? But faith for the random stranger that cared about the dog in the freezing temps

Gun control

You can't create laws that will prevent crime because the lawbreakers will never obey them. That's how criminals work.

actually this is a legitimate accurate question.....

To you Obama lovers. Don't even THINK of mentioning any Bush vacations - because those were taken on his ranch in Crawford, Texas - Never, Ever on the Backs of the American people!

America, wake up!

Elroy Dinklefwat on

America, wake up! NOTE This is our First Lady visiting the Muslims that were suspect on the Boston bombing. She did not want her picture taken. I have not seen any pictures of her visiting any of our wounded soldiers.

This is where the collusion is at!!!

Thoroughly manipulated media and nothing American about it. It's not truth and facts as it should be. It's not even worthy to be called news.

What on earth? Why did they pick a picture of the white guy smiling with the daughters he killed? That's messed up.

That’s so fucked up and I’m so tired of all this racism. It’s fucking bullshit, the world needs to grow up and accept everyone for who they are as a person, rather than their fucking race, gender, or sexuality.