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The primary advantage of the VIP APP is the ability to PUSH new audio, blog posts, daily tips, videos and text messages out to your audience through a simple non-intrusive application that resides on your desktop and stays hidden in the background until a new message is pushed to the application
Blog post: Let's Start Getting started is where I struggle the most sometimes. Should I? Or no?  Yes, or like maybe it’s not a good idea right now, let me just do the  dishes and then I will start. Oh, I got a text message, definitely need to  check that out before I work on this project. Feed
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Even if you hate text messaging as a medium of communication, it can still be an incredibly handy tool. You can use it to find your phone, trigger events online, and do other useful things. Here's how to make the most of SMS. Read this blog post by Rob Lightner on How To.
Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses open-faced books, carefully aligned with one another, as a large canvas for each of her paintings.
A little-known feature in iOS 5 is the new option to create free, custom ringtones and text message alert tones. Read this blog post by Sharon Vaknin on How To.
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Imagine a future where some sources of unsolicited advertisement produce such useful and perfectly timed ads, that you would signup. A world where virtually ever text message or email pushed at you is so relevant that this “service” starts feeling like a best friend.
Interesting article about social media and writing quality. This reminds me of our blog post about text messaging harming grammar skills.
Use your computer or tablet to send and receive text messages normally handled by your phone. Read this blog post by Nicole Cozma on How To.
Simply wonderful: Marco Triverio's Feel Me app is designed to bring the intimacy and directness of touch to text messaging. Read this blog post by Edward Moyer on Crave.
Not on the high street : Monochrome Christmas Decorations - Cinema light box on a hearth. Santa is coming with a twig display in a vase.
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