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Camping the 82nd way

Camping the 82nd way

U.S.ARMY - Soldato scelto della 101th Airbourne Division armato con carabina Garant M1A1 e granate ananas M3

USARMY - PFC of the Airborne Division armed with Garand rifle and pineapple (fragmentation) grenade -

Sicily Drop Zone . Fort Bragg NC.

My hubby was a "Black Hat" and Tower Committed Chief in the Advance Airborne School, and jump in this area, keeping in his record more than jumps.

With technological advancments soldiers can get creative.

Why Did I Became a Paratrooper? Because football

Why Did I Became a Paratrooper? - Why Did I Became a Paratrooper? Because football, baseball and basketball only require one ball!

82nd Airborne Division! Help Us Salute Our Veterans by supporting their…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Today's pinup is a continuation of the Propaganda Style Pinup Posters featuring Kelsey in this tribute to the Airborne Paratroopers of World War I've. Propaganda Pinups - Become a Paratrooper!

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