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Oh god Harry, you're nuts!

Oh god Harry, you're nuts!

So accurate

Completely besides the point that that is Louis Tomlinson. <<<< Yes. I am Louis Tomlinson.<<<Louis is me. I am Louis.

Dan and Phil win over one direction any day! They're both so hot and have the cutest on personalities

This is so true it hurts. I want you Phil and I can't go for Dan it is me as a dude<<<I'm probably the only kid in my whole school, let alone the only girl, who does not give a SHIT about today's celebrities tbh


Humour: When your sibling is getting yelled at and then you're mentioned in the convo

Very true but Brendon is pansexual so ones true >> then that means harry and dan are not straight either. Confirmed

Very true but Brendon is pansexual so ones true<< I think he's actually bi tho, according to what he mentioned in an interview, and all that stage gay with Ryan and Dallon

don't have a crush at the moment, but this is so me when I do!

gif LOL funny funny gif relatable lol so true lol thats me lolsotrue lolthatsme

Now all we need to do is replace the pic of green day with  one direction< oh my God that comment was pure disgusting

He is not here because god wanted him here he's here because he is an example of why good music is dying! I wish they had a award at the grammies for least talented singer in the universe because he my friend would win it every single year.