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Some more options for the short nailed ladies out there. The simple white horizontal acrylic paint gives width to the nail thus removing the eye from noticing that the nail is too short for any design on it. The gold designs also help the other parts of the nails which have been coated with plain colors.

65 Japanese Nail Art Designs

The vintage flowery blended with nude color and beaded designs goes perfectly with a summer outfit. When you’re going out with friends to have a picnic then this should be a good design to go with.



ネイル デザイン 画像 1206038 パープル ホワイト フレンチ ビジュー 秋 冬 春 夏 パーティー デート 浴衣 海 リゾート ハロウィン 成人式 卒業式 入学式 その他 梅雨 ソフトジェル ハンド ミディアム

春/夏/秋/冬/パーティー - 白川麻里★神戸アンドネイルのネイルデザイン[No.1206038]|ネイルブック

Try this with OPI Worth A Pretty Penny, Tiramisu For Two, Alpine White and My Vampire Is Buff


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クリア/ベージュ/パープル/ターコイズ - sato-co.Aのネイルデザイン[No.2443062]|ネイルブック


ZOZOPEOPLE | atelier + LIM - things

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Well this is gorgeous. Estée Lauder Bête Noire + F.N Lacquer Honey Bear / dark purple nails with golden triangles

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21 Fresh And Fabulous Nail Art Designs Just In Time For Spring

★ブライダルフレンチ★ の画像|★白川麻里★神戸☆ネイルサロンAND...NAIL(アンドネイル)MARIのブログ

★ブライダルフレンチ★ の画像|★白川麻里★神戸☆ネイルサロンAND...NAIL(アンドネイル)MARIのブログ

Latest Glitter Nail Designs

As Simple as Love Make a Wish Bridal Toenails White Glitter Nails Simple White Nail Design With Some Sparkles So Chic for a Bride Bling on One Nail

gray glitter and heart nail art:

Gray glitter and heart nail art

Gray glitter and heart nail art - Gray, white and silver nail art with embellishments. Light and cheery looking nail art with stripes and heart shapes, additional sequins have also been placed on top of the silver glitter polish.