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Bonner Bolton

Texan cowboy Bonner Bolton is a Tom Hardy lookalike

Professional bull rider Bonner Bolton, from Gardendale, Texas, is making waves in the fashion industry after being signed to IMG Models in May this year.

"Bring the steaks .... yeah, I got this"

Afternoon eye candy: Hot Cowboys, y’all (32 photos)

Honey, any cowboy worth his salt would never handle a rope without gloves.but you sure make some sweet eye candy.

10 reasons why ladies love country boys. I may not be a cowgirl or know the first thing about farming but I have a fine appreciation for COWBOYS, COUNTRY MUSIC, and TRUCKS.

10 Reasons Why Ladies Love The Country Boy

Name: Caleb Age: 19 About: Loves to rein and cow rope, he has two horses and a dog, Hotshot (chestnut) Nena ( Grey), Hotshot does reining and cow roping but Nena only does reining, and his dog Clyde, she fallows Caleb every where! Has no girlfriend

Afternoon eye candy: Hot Cowboys, y’all (32 photos)

New Trailer for The Longest Ride with Scott Eastwood is All You Need for Valentine's Day http://www.people.com/article/scott-eastwood-longest-ride-trailer-valentines-day

New Trailer for The Longest Ride with Scott Eastwood is All You Need for Valentine's Day

Howdy men and women! I'm Cody and 20 years old. I'm a reining and cutting and bull riding boy. I also like 'em lady's that ride. I have two horses. Single. Introduce?

Afternoon eye candy: Hot Cowboys, y’all (32 photos)

Cowboy: it's true they care for their animals more than people.

Well Raised Boys Become Good-Hearted Men. I'm raising little gentlemen!

http://www.elizabethagarciaauthor.com/the-reluctant-cowboy.html #garciabooks

Click Image Above To Buy: Outback Oilskin Duster With Leather Collar - Size: Xlarge Color: Bronze

Dear God,   Please let me have the opportunity to take a picture like this someday with my husband and baby.   Sincerely,   Me

cowboy baby- One day I want a pic like this with my husband and future baby

One of my favorite things about the boot-scootin' genre is that its really good at making you feel things. It could make you feel sad, nostalgic, or like all you need is a beer and truck to make you happy. There are also some great love songs from the genre — and not just about being in love, but makin' love (that's what you call it in country speak). So if you're gonna take a roll in the hay with someone, serious or not, here are the country songs that'll get you in the mood...

30 Sexy Country Songs For Doin' It Cowgirl Style

The sexiest country songs — get the Spotify playlist now! Wedding Reception music for the country couple