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The most unattractive picture of Chris Evans ever. <--- and yet, he's still utterly attractive, because of personality.

You know you're a geek when...  ...you're more turned on by The Avengers than by Magic Mike.

Buncha Hunks

So true. Definitely pass on Magic Mike. Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Loki, and, in a not as intense way, love those other guys too. Except Thor. Sorry Thor, I just can't get that into your character. And it's not even due to my Loki thing either.

haha i love chris's face! pinned with Pinvolve - pinvolve.co

Funny pictures about Iron Man holding Captain America. Oh, and cool pics about Iron Man holding Captain America. Also, Iron Man holding Captain America.

How funny! Not to mention both are adorable

Marvel Movie Actor Fail, but to be fair fantastic four is currently owned by Sony.

Avengers (movie quote)

Banner, your work is unparalleled and I I'm a huge fan the way you lose control and turn into a enormous green rage monster. Banner: "Thanks

funny caption the avengers interview best text when chris evans texted assemble

And this is why the Avengers cast is so awesome. And why I'm deeply in love with Chris Evan


Went to the Moon, took 5 photos. Went to the bathroom, took 37 photos. by guest. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

Rumple Tweezer @ Dingly Dell

Funny pictures about Pie Eating Contest. Oh, and cool pics about Pie Eating Contest. Also, Pie Eating Contest.

@Jaki Wolley This made me laugh a little too hard.

Give me the biggest one…

Just Thor riding a cat into battle, how's your day going? - Don't Hate The Geek

(gif) "Hawkeye", "Captain America", and Joss Whedon--- ^this!!!^ this is why I freaking LOVE Joss Whedon!!!!!

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And Joss Whedon. We all know Joss IS Earth's Mightiest Hero.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

When someone is trying out a new look - Karen Walker funny - Humor me - Random funnies

Omg...yes - Exactly how I feel when my song comes on - crazy pics / funny music girl

When my song comes on…

I bask in your warmth and I dance in your heat. Your music runs down my spine to the soul of my feet. I'm light as a feather when you sing your song. You Pierce my heart, I got an ache and a long.

It is the small things that make people, especially me, happy...

Funny pictures about Neil Patrick Harris speaks the truth. Oh, and cool pics about Neil Patrick Harris speaks the truth. Also, Neil Patrick Harris speaks the truth photos.