So this is the rest of that infamous dnp post. I like it!!

Better idea: write it from the pov of the person who keeps killing off their soulmates. Then they befriend someone and get them to help kill their latest soulmate, only to find out that their newly-found friend is their soulmate all along

List of ideas for descriptive writing using the senses. #amwriting #writing #amediting

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

reflectionofthemind: “ Warning: You may encounter some opinions. Writing Myth: You have to start your story off in the middle of the action, or “In medias res”. It is said (as I have heard fro

The Writer's Journey Roadmap is a weekly prompt sent out by 7-time author Laura Davis. You can post your responses to the weekly prompts on the Roadmap blog, a free, lively, supportive online writing community.

The Writer's Journey Roadmap is a weekly prompt sent out by author Laura Davis.

Benevolent monsters

Benevolent monsters (also this could also refer to metaphorical monsters i. a human whom the protagonists see as antagonistic, but actually just fits one of these tropes

Vocaloid's "Cendrillon" is essentially that first one. // Some of these are interesting

Moana is trying to escape the island to the sea because the chief government as been overthrown and she is now a slave.