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I usually feel that my problems are small compared to theirs and should be thankful and not complain.

I have traveled through madness.. via (http://ift.tt/2hskpfW)

I have traveled through madness.. via (http://ift.tt/2hskpfW)

Love ya'll. :blush:

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Ah okay. i guess the ME is capitalized cuz maybe it's like "me? actually me? why me? hmm" i don't know, really.

Pfft all these cute little things and then there's Intp. Which is pretty true.

ISTJ: Blood, because that is what's supposed to be there.

ENFP- Margarita mix If there was any doubts on my personality type it's gone now

bettyandme573: …

It is more beautiful, more powerful and more capable of achieving the greatest things you could ever imagine in your life! It is only my greatness that scares me, but do not doubt, it is who I am!