How the New Baby's Debut Compared to George's | DAD'S CARSEAT GAME WAS ON POINT | When Will buckled George's carseat into the family station wagon in 2013, it was a moment we couldn't stop talking about (and he was pretty proud himself!). And on Saturday, it was obvious he's had a lot of practice: the prince clipped that new baby in like it was NBD.

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Here, Prince George - who turns two next month - shyly waves to the crowds of people gathered below

Snap! History repeats itself with Prince William and Prince George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,William and Kate, present their newborn children outside St. Mary's Hospital in London. Right with baby Prince George and left with baby Princess Charlotte.

Prince William and Princess Kate introduce their Babies. Prince George Alexander Louis, and Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

How memorable // The Duchess of Cambridge gives a wave to the media...

It's a girl! Kate Middleton welcomes #RoyalBaby

Dcuhess Kate holds her newborn baby princess as she poses for the media as she leaves St. Mary's Hospital's exclusive Lindo Wing in London on May