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Had one of these! Fiesta Supersport

Had one of these! Fiesta Supersport

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Mark 1 ford fiesta

Fiesta Supersport - Mum's second car was a fiesta but black and not a Supersport

A 1982 Fiesta Supersport shows off its fender flares, bumper overriders and driving lamps (optional on lesser Fiestas), tape stripes, and polished 13×6 RS alloys. The Supersport looks much like the Mk1 XR2, some examples of which now sport the same wheels; the obvious tip-off is that Supersports have rectangular rather than round headlights. The blue car in the background is a contemporary Mk1 Fiesta van. (Photo © 2009 John Catlow – U.K.; used with permission)

Party Downsize: The Ford Fiesta and > Ate Up With Motor

1972 Hillman Avenger Tiger . This is the rare beast I Coveted . The Bar manager at my local club had one and I was so jealous .

This is the facelift version, with four headlamps and having ditched the bonnet power bulge for a matt black one. Quarter bumpers, boot spoiler, side stripes and minilite wheels identified the model, which had a twin carb engine

Ford Fiesta 1300 Supersport

Ford Fiesta 1300 Supersport

Mk1 Ford Fiesta Supersport

Information about the history of the 1980 Ford Fiesta Supersport, it's spec and trim choices and the paint colours it was produced in.

This ford fiesta supersport mk1 evocation, stunning looking 80s ultra rare sports car is for sale.

ford fiesta supersport evocation, stunning looking ultra rare sports car

Festival of the Unexceptional Imp - Google Search

Festival of the Unexceptional Imp - Google Search