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A Really Nice Concept: Klance : Photo

I don't really ship Shiro with anyone, but I found this hilarious.

i honestly dont like shallura but this is cute so bleh



Lance is beautiful

Lance is beautiful, precious, and NOT the wheel!

Klance has happened Keith... Klance has happened...    (AWW THIS IS SO ADORABLE!❤)

That's called love, Kieth. < Poor Keith is confused now lol

#voltron, #voltronlegendarydefender, #pidge, #keithkogane

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#voltron, #voltronlegendarydefender, #pidge, #keithkogane

(99+) Tumblr

postin this gay shit again

Keith / Lance

Keith / Lance Season 3 in a nutshell.

From McKinsey: Making sense of Internet of Things platforms

"lost in thought"

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr

spa day with lance + the girls for and klance playing videogames for !

Yo who took the picture then

Yo who took the picture then

(1) Tumblr

Omg so punny. Anyways who the heck is the artist! I love there art will anyone tell me in the comments? -Magic (btw I'm gonna start doing the -Magic signature thing so when I post stuff y'all know it's me saying it ;

Keith is so confused

Happy New Year! A bit late sorry ik

clionadraws: “a lil klance for for winning the giveaway! ♥ the softest sweetest bois?

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