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This road represents the road infront of the Wilsons in the middle of The Valley of Ashes because it is empy with no houses or people really having traffic.


Bucket List- Cross country road trip to see all the beautiful places and people in America



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Top 15 European driving routes and roads. Greatest driving roads in Europe. Incredible road trips to add to your bucket list. Best Road trips in Europe.

Let's go anywhere.

"Now is the time to live my own life". Krisenka Finley's song: Now is the time.

A trip back to the 1950s is truly a trip to nowhere on the road to the past.

just somethin' about drivin down a dirt road.have travelled many a dirt road in the past year!

another painting possibility   [Painted! well, drawn...with markers...turned out really cool. ~Em 2013]

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I like this photo because it uses both depth of field and line to enhance the photo. The depth of field is used in a unique way, showing the viewer an interesting angle of the road.

*road to nowhere

All i wanted to do today was drive far far away. On the road again, beauty, blue sky, photo


I've been on this road before.pretty dull on scenery to the left and right.but man I miss it.

This site has a really cool grocery list. Definitely more organized than my own. I'm going to use it, it's called The Ultimate Grocery List

Free Grocery List Template

Favorite Organizing Links ~ Chores, Mudrooms, Free Printables + more!

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desert highway for our american roadie trip