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Every mechanic has a few auto repair horror stories. Cars which, whether due to design flaws, the rarity of parts, or just poor upkeep, take an eternity to repair and drive the technician around the bend trying to get the job done.

Best auto repair in Covington. Stop by your local auto repair shop today for your next car repair and know that your car is in the best hands around.

uto mechanics often deal with customers who aren’t happy with their car’s performance. While many drivers are content with a stock factory model, auto enthusiasts are always looking for ways to increase speed, boost handling, and make their overall driving experience more satisfying.

5 Simple Engine Modifications Car Repair Experts Make to Improve Performance

Self-driving cars seem to be making a lot of news headlines these days, as companies from all over the world continue to make breakthroughs in the technology that are worth mentioning.

2 Things Automotive Mechanic College Students Should Know About Olli

Taking Mechanic Training? Here Are 4 Main Car Body Types

Do you know how to classify cars? If you’re thinking about careers in the auto industry, make sure you know these four car body types and how to spot them!

Depuis les années 2000, les professionnels de la mécanique ont pu remarquer que la grande majorité des nouveaux modèles de voitures sont munis de systèmes de surveillance de pression des pneus (SSPP).

Improve Fuel Economy by Replacing These 5 Car Parts During Your Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

Steve Landers Kia | Now Open: Steve Landers Collision Center in Little Rock

Common Workplace Injuries Suffered by Auto Mechanics

Will petrol –fuelled car manufacturing run out of gas by 2050? That’s the hope of a new group of 12 governments from around the world, who have committed to phasing out traditional autos completely within 35 years, replacing them with Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEVs).

12 governments are working to eliminate all gasoline cars within 35 years. Find out about the global movement that could change careers in auto repair forever!

3 Common Causes Of Auto Body Damage Seen By Auto Body Repair Technicians

Are you thinking of enrolling in auto body repair technician training? Here are three common causes of auto body damage!

Want To Become A Mechanic? 3 Cars Millennials Love Most!

Professionals with careers in the auto industry may see that millennials love cars that have a great price point, offer practicality, and are reliable.

Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a Formula 1 car down a highway? For a lucky few Aston Martin customers, that dream could be a little closer to becoming a reality.

Aston Martin and the Red Bull Formula 1 Racing team are designing a brand new hypercar together. Find out why students in mechanic colleges should be excited!