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My Rifle<3 love it soooo much!

My love it soooo much!

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Funny pictures about The Best Gift For Any Dancer. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Gift For Any Dancer. Also, The Best Gift For Any Dancer photos.

Parade probz

"I want to play drums." That's right little boy you do. You want to take these drums right now off of my dead zombie walking body and play them so I can lay down and get run over by a slow moving float.

This is soooo funny to me!! : O

Omg my clarinet friend always try to play on really chipped reeds and when she squeaks our band director comes over and says, " Its your reed," LOL

Yes it is. #colorguard

my friend's MOTHER (the nicest lady you'll ever meet) bought her a shirt with something like this on it at WGI and we both died laughing