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Very nice collection! Which one is the go to?

AR's Hubby gets a new one for his birthday :) He's pretty excited! I'm pretty stoked to take it to the range as well ;

.50 cal long range sniper rifle could fold a person in half from over a mile away.

But from my point of view in this picture you are aiming at the hills and I'm aiming at the space your heads going to be when you look through the rifle scope. I like my point of view better.

Sweet AR-15

Nice set up, if youre not going far. Too much weight on this rifle to be used on longer missions.

business (seriously love this one)

Silver and Mother of Pearl are a nice combination for this boxy gun. The Mother of Pearl is translucent and gives the gun some life as the light shines through it.


Who would like to take this bad boy out on a date to the range ?