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Vintage "Bad Girl" pulp novels....O.M.G. !!! What a RIot!

Bookmobile Bad Girl Pulp Fiction "She gave it away free all over town" Vintage Pulp Novel Cover Art

horror book covers | ... Running From Houses: 20 Epic Gothic Horror Book Covers (PICTURES

Women Running From Houses: 20 Epic Gothic Horror Book Covers (PICTURES)

Vintage book covers: If you’re as cool as Space Cat, there is no need for hallucinogens.

Space Cat on Mushrooms - this is seriously funny! There is a real Space Cat book series by Ruthven Todd which is great vintage scifi for youngsters, but sadly this title doesn’t seem to be part of the.

Classic sci-fi movies reimagined as pulp magazine covers -- Pulp Sci-Fi - Imgur

Pulp Sci-Fi

Finally finished another one in my sci-fi pulp cover series. I'm really excited for Prometheus to come out this weekend (first Ridley Scott sci-fi in Alien Pulp Cover

"the stars like dust" isaac asimov                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Dragon t-shirt

"the stars like dust" isaac asimov mid century science fiction sci fi paper back pulp fiction book cover art.

"Satan was a Lesbian" | Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book Cover Art....Well, he does do that thing with his tongue. :)

12 Insane Queer Pulp Novel Covers

Satan Was A Lesbian Vintage Pulp Novel Cover Retro Art Poster-

.Agatha Christie    #books  http://www.pinterest.com/francesjkey/old-book-covers/ ~~~  http://www.pinterest.com/emily8708/agatha-christie/

A Murder Is Announced by Agatha Christie, White Circle Pocket Edition, vintage Golden Age crime fiction paperback cover

Too Hot to Hold (1959) by Book Covers: Mars Sci-Fi, Vintage Sexy Paperbacks, via Flickr

PHOTOS: 'Take A Lesbian To Lunch' And Other Great Pulp Novel Covers

Paperback Gold Medal 931 (PBO, Title : Too Hot to Hold Author : Day Keene Cover artist : uncredited [Robert McGinnis] Y.

Science fiction novels reimagined as pulp novels. love this blade runner cover... except that the movie was based on a pulpy novel! Not a true pulp paperback, but still..

Pulp Sci-Fi

What would some sci-fi movie classics look like as pulp novels? Here are some answers from illustrator Timothy Anderson, who made these awesomely-convincing mock-ups of Blade Runner, Alien, and The Matrix as trashy book covers. Books: check 'em out.

Some Like it Cool - A Ben Gates Mystery

Robert Kyle - Some Like It Cool Dell First Edition 1962 Cover Artist: Robert McGinnis Robert Kyle was a pseudonym of Robert Terrall

This idea for repurposing the covers of vintage pulp novels (or any beautiful paperback book covers) comes from Jason Thompson of Rag & Bone Bindery

How To Make Postcards From Vintage Book Covers