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T O N I G H T JENNI ROPE: FOREST @ Co Prosperity Sphere A Proximity Presents Exhibition Series Enter the forest.

Ari Pelkonen

Ari Pelkonen, White / Valkoinen, woodcut and acrylic on canvas

Happy Factory - Jenni Rope

Iloinen tehdas / Happy Factory Exhibition Jangva Gallery Helsinki, Finland, 2009 (Photos by Arja Orbinski)

Jenni Rope: Tiikerimuuri by Jenni Rope. Animation: Jenni Rope, 2011

Jenni Rope: Tiikerimuuri - really cool moving illustration.

Paintings by Jenni Rope

Jenni Rope

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our first April 2011 artist, Jenni Rope, and to offer six exclusive prints of her work. Artist and publisher Jenni Rope mixes the playful shapes and sophist

Jenni Rope, I love surprises, 2004

Jenni Rope, I love surprises, 2004