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Sorry but that was like a cat shrieking #XFACTOR #SixChairChallenge https://t.co/6lZYUXXled

“Sorry but that was like a cat shrieking

I used to be a 40 a day smoker. Gave up over night 5 years ago. Feel amazing for it #gpsbehindcloseddoors

Auntie Pegg on

“Really really hope they have some genuine off the street people on this year”

Part two of #ConfessionsOfAJuniorDoctor tonight. After last weeks episode I wonder how our eyes will be opened tonight ? #NHS

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The smart phone is no doubt an amazing tool for communication but nothing beats a cuppa tea and a real life chat

A double helping of #TwoDoorsDown tonight. Not sure my wee ticker can take it!! Angina pills on standby!

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