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I would have loved to see pietro wield the hammer while everyone else just stands there dumbfolded

// Quicksilver, Pietro Maximoff, Maximoff Twins, Mjolnir, Thor // << I am laughing so hard!

Idk abt all you but I'm tipping the second one. And that it wasn't planned or anything, Chris improvised it and Stan played along.

My personal opinion is that Steve wrote it correctly, but Sam happened to walk by and fixed it.

Bucky. Yes we are. Seb got a 9 picture contract. Chris only got 6. We were meant to get VERY attached to Bucky

Um, excuse me I was severely attached to him in Captain America: the First Avenger, and it broke my heart when he 'died.' Imagine my surprise and increased heartache upon discovering he was alive and had no memories. Still, I have no regrets :)

Noted on that, Chris. ;)

Marvel has a Chris fetish. First Chris Evans than Chris Hemsworth now Chris Pratt! <<< I will name my son chris!

This is the best post about Steve being a Dorito I've ever seen

Steve Rogers relaxes in the shade on Clint's farm on a pleasant, 50 degree day. He has finally become a cool Ranch Dorito

Bucky <-- I did think about this upon rewatching the movie, but all of the soldiers have a butt ton of gear on, so while they probably didn't exactly walk away, I don't think bucky used unnecessary force either