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Chicken coop made from pallets by myrtle

Alternative Gardning: Chicken coop made from pallets. Make sure the Pallets are Heat Treated, they will have an HT on them. Do not use Chemical Treated or Pallets that do not have a marking.

The girls, fence sitting #PurelyPoultry

Hens in a row.I've heard of "having your ducks in a row".these hens are even in order by size comparison, pretty neat!

I guess you need to be a bit of a vet when keeping chickens. This is a serious problem. Warning, graphic pics.

Prolapse Vent in Chickens: Causes & Treatment. *Graphic Photos**

The Chicken Chick: Prolapse vent. Causes Treatment. *graphic photos* Site with lots of good chicken illness treatments including bumble foot.

Your chickens will enjoy modern rustic living in an urban setting. From: 21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops

I love this chicken coop. It is great for a smaller yard and just a few chickens. It is also attractive and practical. I grew up with chickens in the back yard and fresh eggs in the morning. This coop would make having chickens again that much nicer!

The Health Benefits of Dandelions for Chickens and Ducks

Fresh Eggs Daily®: The Health Benefits of Dandelions for Chickens and Ducks I think picking dandelions just made it's way onto Emily's chore list