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fishykays: “ the big four as kids :> ”


Toned Paper Rapunzel from Tangled Print by American (California) Artist Brianna Cherry Garcia on Etsy.

Academy of Villainy: 7 Things an Antagonist Should Never Do #writing #writingtutorials #writingtips

Academy of Villainy: 7 Things an Antagonist Should Never Do

Seeing your favorite non-human cartoon characters turned into real people is amazing!

Elsa in boyfriend’s hoodie

Elsa in boyfriend’s hoodie

jelsa children - Buscar con Google

jelsa family / kristanna son + jelsa siblings / jelsa son who has springs powers

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The Big Four - Merida, Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Jack Frost// Wow! a fanart that actually makes them look their ages! Hiccup is a bit young…But this is soooooo good!

Jack Elsa & Prince Jelsen Håkon and Princess Krystal Anna. I suppose in another story Jelsen Håkon can be older than Krystal Anna. In Norway most people have two first names and no middle name. So you call them by two names like Britt Linda or Karl Erik. They find it odd we have only one first name and a middle name we never use.:

JelsaWeek 2014 : Family It feels like she has three children! He was named after character of Andersen’s fairy tale [The Snow Queen].