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Petasos is a large brimmed hat with a thin strap & it could be worn hanging down the back. The petasos is the first real hat invented by Greeks.

Calañes sombrero que ala vuelta hacia arriba y copa baja mas estrecha por la parte superior que por la inferior

Paseo Jacket Goyesque Style in Maroon Velvet and Elastic Calzona Caireles in Black

Tululus: Peinado usado en Roma en forma de cono, realizado por una ornatrix.

The hennin; a conical hat worn during the Medieval Period/ Medieval Times/ The Dark Ages. It often included a veil of fabric.

BOMBINES: sombrero de hongo.

BOMBINES: sombrero de hongo.


Terracotta " Tanagra ' figurine of a woman wearing a sunhat , century BC, Boeotia Greece