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Queen's University: Mobile

Revolutionary new paper computer shows flexible future for smartphones and tablets. This computer looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper. You interact with it by bending it into a cell phone, flipping the corner to turn pages, o

Check out these smart phones with bendable screens

Samsung begins flexible AMOLED display production this November? See apple samsung is amazing and innovative.your just scared samsung will vastley surpass you.

The gadget that makes sure your phone is ALWAYS charged: Light-powered screen could mean mobiles never run out of battery | Wysips technology converts artificial and sunlight energy into electricity |  It can be fitted to the screens of phones, tablets and watches |  Prototype converts 10 minutes of light energy into four minutes of battery | The technology could be used in phones as early as 2014

Solar-powered screens mean phones never run out of battery

Wysips technology turns smartphone displays into battery chargers. A screen that charges your mobile phone?

Electricity is great, but if you can get it for free, even better. The cool new XDModo Solar Window Charger is a sleek and compact solar energy charger for iPhone, iPod, Android or any other USB chargeable electronic device that easily mounts to a window. It's also a great solution for charging stuff up during power outages or in emergency situations, well, unless the sun explodes of course.

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The XD Window Charger Nature + Technology solar window charger by XD Design. The charger clings to your window and harnesses the power of the sun to charge your mobile devices, simple as that.

Providing a rich communication experience for everyone is a luxury that technology allows us. Design student Suhyun Kim wants to ensure that deaf people are able to have phone conversations with friends and family without relying on relay services, and her “Visual Sound” phone concept relies on technology that is already available and in use. Simply [...]

Visual Sound Mobile Phone Concept Design is a device created for the deaf. The phone will act as a voice-to-text converter, so whenever the disabled receiv

Give your stubby digits a bionic upgrade  Add a real physical joystick to your tablet computer for enhanced gaming precision  Works with thousands of different games  Removable and reposition-able. Will not harm your screen

Bring your tablet-based gaming to the next level with the JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick. The JOYSTICK-IT gives you a real physical joystick for increased precision with touchscreen based games. The JOYSTICK-IT works with thousands of different game apps


This is pretty awesome! The Orb --- mobile headset doubles as a ring and can be used 30 feet away from your phone. It vibrates if you get a call, but also has a voice-to-text device so you can read messages on your ring.

Mouse free mouse

Wearable air mouse - The AirMouse avoid repetitive stress injuries from normal mouse use. The Air mouse only works as a mouse when your hands are in flat. - 10 Best New Products That People Don’t Know About

A portable scanner that doesn't cut off the inside of the page?! I love it. Very useful, too.

"The concept Scan Board offers an easy solution; it captures the image of the page and transfers it to the computer via USB" This would make my life so much simpler!