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Oh I miss the local record shop! And I mean before Sam Goody & stores of that kind. Indepedent stores where you could find albums not so mainstream and stocked kick ass music.they're all gone thanks to corporate music companies.

David Bowie celebrates 66th birthday with new single

David Bowie Celebrates 66th Birthday With New Single

1973 Album cover shoot for Aladdin Sane, photographed by Brian Duffy. The lightning bolt represented the duality of the mind, although Bowie later explained that the "lad insane" of the album's title track was inspired by his brother Terry, who was diagno

Some history of the Synth. the synth is one of the most used instrument in the indietrip hopdowntempo music.


The Mini Moog started the synthesizer journey in providing affordable synths to musicians.Roland continues the legacy to the present day. Infographic by an online music store helping independent music artists to sell music online.

Do you remember back in October when I posted The First Of Many Lush Hauls? Well, today I am back with another round up of all things Lush and this one is solely dedicated to bath bombs and bubble bar

We love colourful bath bombs and bubble bars, we find the colours in the water especially relaxing.

What first sparked your interest—and eventual career path—in apparel and accessories? My mother sewed all my clothes when I was little, and I think going to fabric stores to choose patterns and fabrics made a big impression.…

Touring Michelle LeBlanc's Artistic And Sunny Home

IKEA Kallax shelves and shelving units are the best canvas for creating! Kallax shelves are so universal that you can get almost anything from them .

I noticed this recently and IT"S SO FRICKIN CLEVER!!! This show, esp the songs, are genius! The use of reprise is on point

I noticed this recently and ITS SO FRICKIN CLEVER! This show, esp the songs, are genius!

Weights Before Dates Funny Shirts - #tee test #street clothing. MORE INFO => https://www.sunfrog.com/Funny/Weights-Before-Dates-Funny-Shirts.html?60505

CHA-CHING - gotta love that sound - tee logo. CHA-CHING - gotta love that sound, hoodie schnittmuster,green sweater. OBTAIN =>.