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TV is one of the most instant sources of information and entertainment. There are thousands of TV channels. Here is a list of Most Popular TV Channels


Detox and Cleanse Recipes

11 Detoxing Foods To Help Naturally Rid Your Body of Harmful Toxins Detox Tips Holistic Natural Remedies

In this EU referendum, we are being asked to vote for a permanently poorer and less influential Britain – all in return for an unspecified immigration policy

The eight big questions on migration the leave campaign must answer

Discrepancy between stated number of migrants and national insurance records had fuelled accusations of pro-EU cover-up

The Names Behind The States Infographic

An infographic of the etymology and cultural origins of the names that made the UnitedStates of America.

Manipulation...This says it all...

14 Offensive Tactics of Manipulators. Helpful tool for writers working on character development, particularly with the antagonist.

http://www.medicalfieldcareeroptions.com/ has some information on numerous careers in the medical & healthcare fields.

How MRI Works

A classical analogy to this is to think of the spinning protons as small current loops. If these current loops are placed within an external magnetic field, the loops will be subjected to a twisting force known as torque.

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The stories behind the world’s strangest flags

Here I have an educational infographic from the cheap flights comparison website called Jut the Flight that teaches us all about the World's most interesting and recognisable national flags.

Periods and Eras in English History

Periods and eras in English history. There are many great historical novels to expand our understanding of the impact many of these people had on what we do today.