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Each flag flutter is a lost veteran's last breathe!

Last breath of a soldier. Everyone should remember this and be grateful. Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.

Army baby about to meet her dad, so cute.

Beautiful little baby girl. God bless her daddy and the rest of the men and women in America's military!

The Captain and his Huey. Read this, such a sweet man and brave too!

The Captain and his Huey

Funny pictures about This Man. This Man Deserves All The Medals. Oh, and cool pics about This Man. This Man Deserves All The Medals. Also, This Man. This Man Deserves All The Medals photos.

We should NEVER take anything for granted.  We need to stop complaining about what we need to do, because I can tell you this much, Military life is a hundred times harder than civilian life.  God bless!!!


Read carefully and stop complaining.also stop complaining when it's been 2 hrs since you got a text from your boyfriend or 2 days without seeing him.

Not just with humans though - animals, the environment, etc...

Protectors Tribute to True Heroes Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity only kindness matters

been strong for too long....

"Heaven Was Needing a Hero" A tribute to war widows. God bless our Heaven Deployed Heros and the loved ones who never got their homecoming!

Thank you, Bobby  for your sacrifice + service! Abba Yahuah + Yahshua forever Baruch you + yours!!! (Your Heavenly Father and His Son Eternally Bless you!!)

Bobby Henline the Well-Done Comedian. On April tragedy struck when Bobby's Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb just north of Bagdad. Of five men in the vehicle, Bobby was the only survivor. Bobby believes that God kept him alive for a reason.

Population in the USA in 1860 was less than 31.5 million...less than California today. Yet all Americans are supposed to be constantly reminded of the sins of that 1.6% and never uplifted by the 500,000 who gave their lives defeating slavery.

Besides the fact that there were white slaves in the USA during the same time AND the first slave owner was a black man. it is an uncomfortable truth.

Lest We Forget...

TheBERRY: A boy went to war in 1914 and left his bike chained to a tree. He never came home and the family left the bike there as a memorial to the fallen soldier. Vashon Island, in Puget Sound, Washington State.

little kid running to her solider brother. i dont know what board to post this in, but i love this.

Just little kid running to his solider brother

adorable :) I absolutely love how everyone has the face of pure joy just to see that girl running towards her dad.