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Congrats from the pup!

'Mom- I checked the mail for you. Your masters arrived! I'm so proud of you! Love Kerby' One of my Delta Gamma sisters originally posted this, hilarious! And yay Texas State!

Starbucks dog.This is for you Katie.

Awww, poor thing - but this made me laugh b/c I thought about my dogs in the car!

So cute

funny caption beagle sitting on dog house roof snoopy he's real.really almost named my Beau Snoopy

Superhero dog

Boston Terrier saves the life of couples infant son Benjamin -- has some bad acid reflux and spits up often. Mom put him in his swing to nap while she went to feed his big brother lunch. Ben was just out of sight when our Boston Terrier-border col…

:)| https://doggiefever.com/apps/stream

There were burglars; I saved your chips ----- Attack Of The Funny Animals – 62 Pics

We're sorry Jesus!

"I ate a Bible tonight." "I think I helped. Sorry, Jesus." My weims ate one of my Bibles I had scripture for one end of my back yard to the other and through my house. I guess they wanted to spread the good word.

BUT I left my bestest daddy, who's gonn save my hiney, his FAV part!! Didn't I dear, nicest, kindest, fairest, most understandin' 'n handsomest daddy?? Didn't I daddy?? Jus' for ya cuz I LOOOOOOVE ya soooo MUCH :)))))))))))

"I pulled down the pumpkin pie while everyone was sleeping and took it to my bed for a midnight snack. And ate the crust edge (my Mom's favorite part! ~ Dog Shaming Theif -- His face!


Funny pictures about May karma never bite you. Oh, and cool pics about May karma never bite you. Also, May karma never bite you.

Pug shaming | This one's funny, and it's pretty smart if that's really what he's doing.

Pug shaming

Funny pictures about Gus The Pug. Oh, and cool pics about Gus The Pug. Also, Gus The Pug photos.