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fit & the city---me once i get to NY. Only problem is I can't do a hand stand, how about a squat?

Bust through mental blocks and gain clarity! Here's how you can apply Reiki self-care to receive intuitive hits while you sleep tonight!  intuition, sleep, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, reiki, energy healing, reiki healing, insomnia, dream state, aha moments

How to Receive Intuitive Hits in Your Sleep

We all want to know the answers, but sometimes they are harder to grasp. These helpful tips can help you find answers while you sleep.Gaining clarity is something we all want, an by understanding our dreams we can become closer to knowing more of the answ

On Display: Solstice in Times Square, Mind over Madness Yoga:...

Only in New York! Solstice in Times Square, Mind over Madness Yoga: June 2011


Bird of Paradise pose. (I can do this pose, all but getting my leg that straight. She makes it look effortless! One day.)// I love having goals.working on this one!


Good, cute and beautiful pictures. Good, cute and beautiful pictures. Previous parts: Awesome Photos pics) Awesome Photos. Part 2 pics) Awesome Photos. Part 3 pics) Awesome Pho

I would love a paddle board so I could move my practice from the mat to the board!  surf board headstand, hawaii style

I can do a headstand on dry land. I can paddleboard. But could I do a headstand on a paddleboard?