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homestuck oc fanmade god tier - Google Search

homestuck oc fanmade god tier - Google Search

Tier of Gods by Doodle-Master.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Boy, it's been a while since I've done straight up fanart for Homestuck. Partly because to me, every kid getting to god tier is the most exciting thing . Tier of Gods

We have got to get Hussie to actually explain this to us. I WANNA WRITE FAN-SESSIONS WITH MY OCS!!! *pouts*

I'm not sure if their definition of heir is all that accurate, but its still cool to see it charted.

homestuck_god_tier_aspects__full_set__by_zobe-d531wko.png 570×1,400 pixels

I have two fantrolls that have fanmade aspects from here. My main fantroll is a Maid of Blaze, and her morail/matespirit is a Knight of Stream.

John God Tier Hood by AneNJ on deviantART

It is surprisingly hard to explain in still-pictures (and English - I only kn.

[Homestuck] - God tier outfits updated.

I think my God Tier outfit would be the fourth one in the Mind section. >:] // took a test, I'm Knight of Doom. I'm ok with that<<I'm a knight of doom too