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Nürnberg kalesi

In medieval times, Nuremberg Castle was a prominent imperial palace. Emperors and Kings of the Holy Roman Empire resided here over the centuries. Demolished in World War II, the castle was rebuilt true to its historic architecture.

De Haar Castle (Kasteel de Haar) Located in the Netherlands, the castle was founded in the 14th century.  Between 1892 and 1912 the castle that stands today was rebuilt incorporating the original ruins.

De Haar Castle, Netherlands - De Haar Castle was originally built in by Van de Haar family and then destroyed in century. Then the restoration of the castle began in 1892 and later it became the most visited castle of Netherland

Aigas House, Scottish Highlands

House of Aigas, Scotland, is a small castle, according to some more a countryhouse.The oldest part was build and replaced an even older house. ((Ill take a simple country house please))

Yvelines Castle, France

The Château de Monte-Cristo, the home of writer Alexandre Dumas in le Port-Marly, Yvelines, France. The chateau is now a museum.

Moszna Castle in morning light, Poland [Moszna Castle, Poland The Moszna Castle, before 1945 German: Schloss Moschen) is a historic castle and residence located in a small village of Moszna in Poland. The castle is one of the best known monuments in the western part of Upper Silesia. The history of this building begins in the 17th century, although much older cellars were found in the gardens during excavations carried out at the beginning of the 20th century]

CASTLES IN POLAND - Moszna Castle Moszna Castle (now a hotel) is located in Moszna, Poland. It was once the century residence of the German Tiele-Winckler family. The castle boasts 365 rooms and.

Castle Tower ~ Scotland. Dreaming of a Scotland vacation? We are too. Click on…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Best of Culture in Scotland

Gatehouse to Ardverickie Estate next to Loch Laggen ~ Scotland, Series "Monarch of the Glen" was filmed here. * would LOVE to incorporate a tower. Small, albeit, but a couple levels perhaps with telescope tower on top.

Waterfall Castle - Poland

The Amazing Waterfall Castle - Poland. I really want to go here, I have family in Poland, so this would be amazing to see! Looks like its belongs in a fairytale movie.

The Powerhouse at Boldt Castle, Alexandria Bay, NY, USA

Balintore Castle, Scotland (This isn't Balintore, this is the powerhouse for Boldt Castle, Alexandria Bay, NY. Boldt Castle itself is quite a bit larger.