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.Vivienne Westwood 2013

Vivienne Westwood: Subversive Punk Fashion Designer/Activist

Sid and Vivienne Westwood.  (pin via John Barnes)

missdandy: “ Sid Vicious + Vivienne Westwood Scanned from Punk: The Whole Story ”

Two girls in Boy, Kings Road, London, 1977  I think this captures the beginning of tabloid punk, when the scene exploded overground. Before, the first punks were making their clothes at home using safety pins and zips and whatever to create a look. Then, suddenly you could go to certain shops and buy that look off the peg. It became less about your individual creativity and more about a collective identity. All in the space of about a year

The Punk photographs of Sheila Rock – in pictures

Two girls in Boy, Kings Road, London, 1977 The beginning of punk

Dame Vivienne Westwood, here photographed in her studio in London in 2007, she is an amazing Crone.

Vivienne Westwood: Her life and career so far - in pictures

Vivienne Westwood mini crini

The MINI-CRINI was born in 1987 A/W Harris Tweed Collection Westwood believes that clothes were "changing the shape of the body, about having a restriction.

To celebrate photographer, and longtime Westwood collaborator, Juergen Teller's 50th birthday, have a flick through his i-D Magazine archive. http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/look/gallery/1273/juergen-teller-files

i-D Magazine happy birthday vivienne westwood, leader of the climate revolution, queen of british fashion, godmother of punk!

Vivienne westwood

Vivienne Westwood was the first punk. Shot in front of the walls of the interior of her “Seditionaries” store, Fashion Memoir: Vivienne Westwood

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