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I think every one direction fan can relate.. Lol

I think every one direction fan can relate. Lol<<<or fangirls in general

aww Louis is gonna sign our wedding certificate with his little smiley face and I'm gonna die

{GIF} One Direction has signed this board your argument is invalid! Lou is the quickest and Niall takes the longest

Liam really likes one direction

One Direction's biggest fan is: Liam Payne :)<<<< false. One Direction's biggest fan is Niall Horan. Liam Payne's biggest fan is Liam Payne

hello guys im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its probably been about a week since i last pinned but it feels like forever:)

I was pretty upset when harry went down to touch some girls hands and they were literally yanking at him and he had to violently pull his arm back to keep singing.