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Newly discovered bat species

It’s being called the “Yoda” bat — a newly discovered fruit bat found in the remote rainforests of Papua New Guinea as part of an expedition by Conservation International to study new species. Tube-Nosed Bat, discovered in Papua,

Give a Bat a house -> http://www.birdfeederworld.com/categories/bat-houses.html

Murcielago frutero / Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat, Artibeus jamaicensis by svaldvard

The Great Stripe-faced Bat (Vampyrodes caraccioli) is uncommon but ...

The Great Stripe-faced Bat (Vampyrodes caraccioli) is uncommon but ...

This American leaf-nosed bat, which was found at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica, shows off the folded, spearhead muzzle for which it is named.

18 of the strangest animals ever

American leaf-nosed bat (Costa Rica) Its odd muzzle may aid in echolocation.

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venezuelan Poodle moth

Funny pictures about The cutest moth you'll see today. Oh, and cool pics about The cutest moth you'll see today. Also, The cutest moth you'll see today.


Greater Spear-nosed Bat Phyllostomus ~ Photo by Christian Ziegler -NO.IT IS NOT CREEPY.it is beautiful designed! How marvellous is the Creator of us all!

I second that

"Flying fox" Pteropus are the largest bats in the world. Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes. Australia looks like a very interesting place to visit; so many odd things are down there.>>>>>>>>Talk about a mega-bat!


Here is a funny animals compilation. Most of it consists of cute animals doing funny things. Some funny animal fails, doesn't include funny animal vines.

Just adding to my knowledge of strange animals :)

22 strange animals--the naked mole rat on Kim possible=much cuter. I laughed so hard at the blob fish. It's just amazing how vast creation can be--all creatures great and small, weird and wonderful, the Good Lord made them all.

Female bongos get up to 500 pounds while males can weight up to 900. Both sexes are of equal height.

A two-week-old Eastern Bongo calf looks out from under her mother at Sydneys Taronga Zoo. Eastern (or Highlands) Bongos are critically endangered with as few as 75 remaining in small groups of six to 12 animals in their Kenyan upland range.