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Hours before Passover, ISIS fires missile from Sinai into Israel

ISIS claims responsibility for rocket attack on Monday; Israel increases security, closes border crossing into Egypt. Just hours before Israelis begin cele

(1) Twitter

(1) Twitter

ISRAEL PREPARES: Israel is just weeks away from launching their brand-new, German-made Dolphin II-class sub called the ISS TANIN. It comes equipped to launch nuclear-tipped Cruise missiles at a range of well over a thousand miles. #Israel http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=32165

Israel Ready To Launch ISS Tanin Submarine With Nuclear-Tipped Cruise Missile Capability

Palestinian rocket lands in Israel near Gaza border

Special report blasts Israeli home-front as gravely deficient, vulnerable to rocket attacks

Russia Is Putting On A Display Of Firepower That Is Shocking The World

A state of panic has been created among ISIS militants that we have not seen previously

ARTICLE: 'Influx of advanced weapons flowing into Syria, Lebanon unprecedented,' navy source says -  http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Influx-of-advanced-weapons-to-Syria-and-Lebanon-is-unprecedented-senior-navy-source-says-395490

'Influx of advanced weapons flowing into Syria, Lebanon unprecedented,' navy source says

Reports of increased Russian involvement in Syria in support of President Bashar Assad are prompting a reassessment in

Russian involvement in Syria prompting reassessment in Israel about how to handle fall-out from the conflict without risking a clash with Moscow.

Poderia Israel ser o próximo Vale do Silício?

Moscow Claims It Disrupted Command Centers, Sent ISIS Leaders Fleeing From Capital City

Russian raids on Islamic State group targets in the Syrian city of Raqqa Thursday reportedly forced leaders of the jihadi militant group to flee the de fac