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What makes YOU happy? Let us know at www.lastlemon.com and we'll illustrate it.

Happiness is .

This is my happiness....

Happiness is. a lazy day doing absolutely nothing except maybe a bit of reading and a bit of eating. Oh my, this is exactly my definition - add a lazy nap and it's perfect!

Happiness is THE BOOK. 500 Things to be happy about. http://lastlemon.com/happiness/book/

Happiness is .to love and be loved.

We need these shirts IDC what anyone says

Warning: This post contains cute AF old people holding hands. << lol, it really is cute

Are you really care?? o_O

Happiness is.when you feel like someone cares for you!

Happiness is

Happimess is being blessed with understanding friends

Happiness is clicking instantly with new people

Happiness is clicking instantly with new people.


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