A cozinha Trail, da italiana Varenna, conta com uma bancada que pode ser posicionada no centro do móvel ou nas extremidades, criando um mix de alturas.

7 tendências para cozinhas que podem pegar

EuroCucina is a focal point of Milan Design Week, as manufacturers launch their latest collections. Here are five kitchens unveiled earlier this month.

Use a glass panel as a backsplash, as it comes in large sizes. Choose this over tiles, which makes cleaning grouting difficult.  Notice the floor tiles as well. Love the touch of colour it adds.

Renovation: Choose these materials for a durable, easy-to-maintain kitchen

Here are 6 beautiful 'scandustrial' homes in Singapore that have fused the elegance of Scandinavian decor with a raw industrial touch.

50+ Modern Interior Designs_10

50+ Modern Interior Designs_10

Luxury condo Soori High Line coming to West Street in Chelsea