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marketing: SWOT Analysis

Innovation and creativity are considered by many strategists a key factor of business success and prosperity. However, only one from six ideas achieve the goal and return profit to the organization. How to determine.

Investigating the root of social media addictions - validation addiction - the constant need for praise - praise actually gives humans a dopamine high, not unlike many illicit drugs.

Unfortunately I don't feel this is something a boss learns to become. It needs to already be who a person already is. How to Be a Good Boss/Team Leader/ Any people oriented leadership position

The ten things the best leaders never say | Leadership | Scoop.it

"The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter -- 'tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning," wrote Mark Twain.

The 10 Defining Traits of an Amazing Leader on a nifty infographic via The Muse

Characteristics of a good leader infographic: What defines a good leader? Are you an effective leader? How can you become a better leader?

tips become successful business leaders 5 steps tips tipsographic

Tips to Become Successful Business Leaders in 5 Steps

tips become successful business leaders 5 steps tips tipsographic

Competency-based management supports the integration of human resources planning with business planning by allowing organizations to assess the current human resource capacity based on their competencies against the capacity needed to achieve the vision, mission and business goals of the organization.

Restaurant scheduling is a time consuming job that involves a number of employee related functions. The Restaurant Employee Scheduling plus a Virtual Assistant solution combines all these functions into one simple and inexpensive cloud based application.