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This appears to be a movie quote. If anyone knows what movie this is from please comment so I can edit this Pin better ^^

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American Horror story (tumblr)

We all have our flaws. And even though Tate has some pretty bad ones, I still love him. ik even had a dream about Tate being my boyfriend lol

Tate and Violet(I think after awhile, Violet will forgive him. Because he said he'd wait forever and they can't stay away from each other cause they're stuck in the house.

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AHS Asylum, Zachary Quinto as Thredson, Evan Peters as Kit and Sarah Paulson as Lana

Even the closed captioning gets sassy from time to time. | Community Post: 26 Times "American Horror Story" Brought The Sass

26 Times "American Horror Story" Brought The Sass